Willie Wags .. Is Unstoppable!

This world is full of amazingly creative women. The products that I receive in my Willie Wags box are always so unique, cool and inspiring. Let's get to this month's box!

 These Balls Work Hard.....

These Balls Work Hard.....

These wool balls from Ovella Wool are the coolest and most amazing things ever. So much so, I want to order more for me and for family and friends. Place a few drops of essential oil on these hard working balls and toss them in the dryer with your clothes.  Not only are you not adding chemicals from fabric softer to your clothes, they will be less wrinkled AND they cut drying time by 25% !!!

 Trees are happy about this! They've always wanted to be in the fashion industry.

Trees are happy about this! They've always wanted to be in the fashion industry.

How cute are these earrings by Tiny Lumber ? For the free spirit that loves all things nature, you can't beat these adorable studs.  Add a little whimsy to your look with these "studly" studs.

 Hey girl.. I like vintage!

Hey girl.. I like vintage!

This tee is becoming my favorite thing to wear. It's beyond soft and fits like a dream.  Vayne Lifestyle knows their stuff. I may not be vintage 1988, but I'm so going to try and look like I am.

 Life is messy.. clean it up ...

Life is messy.. clean it up ...

A sponge and a cloth.. You heard me.. I like when two things become one. Biodegradable, washable, lasts for 6 months, absorbs 15 times its weight... Step aside Bounty .. There's a new kid on the block. Swedish Treasures  is pushing that lumberjack aside.. 


 Dream and write it all down

Dream and write it all down

This interactive journal by Meera Lee Patel  brings you on a journey . Filled with journaling prompts and beautiful art, this journal brings happiness and fulfillment. So happy it graces my bedside table.

 Of course I'm a mermaid... duh 

Of course I'm a mermaid... duh 

This chubby brush by Mermaid Salon made my heart sing.  Featured in Vogue, Elle and makeup artist blog and tutorials, this brush is SAUGHT AFTER. Guess what? I got one because I belong to the coolest subscription box out there! My daughters are on a stealth mission to steal it from me.. I know they are....

So that my friends is this month's round up! Remember that a portion of every box you purchase from The Willie Wags helps fund women owned small businesses! For 10% off your next box enter : BLISSFULCOMMA at checkout. 

I also want to throw a HUGE shout out to Jamie and the opening of the first Willie Wags storefront!!!!!!! I can't wait to take the trek up to visit and shop!

Willie Wags March Box Reveal

I always wonder each month how Willie Wags can top their previous month.. They do .. every time! 

Let's see the fabulousness that March's box brought..

I have a very fun but demanding job, last Sunday I decided to have a chill day. I grabbed this month's book HUNTED by Meagan Spooner , a glass of wine ,a facial mask by Wild Botanicals and nail polish by Pepper Pot Polish .

Sounds like a great afternoon right? The facial mask made me feel like a new woman and the nail polish in "Champagne and Caviar" made my nails look all perfect and such. When I zip girls up in dreamy dresses they ask me all about my nail color. 

These cute hair ties by Top Knot Chicago  are not only cute on your pony,  they look cute on your wrist too! Say goodbye to ugly elastics on your wrist. "Bye Felicia! Hello cuteness!"

Does your potty need a breath mint ? Well then Pottymints to the rescue. After you flush your toilet, place dissolvable  potty mint in the bowl. The scents are so great and these babies work my friend, I have a teenage boy.. need I say more? Perfect for traveling and to keep in your purse for some awkward party or work situations.. not that that has EVER happened to me . 

It's as if Willie Wags KNEW I needed to try needlepoint to display in my house. This cute kit by

I Heart Stitch Art is the perfect way to get my stitching. I already know where I want to frame it and place in my home and I haven't even started it yet. 

Every day I place a small note in my husband's lunch ( and he places one in mine) . When I received this cute card by Debbie Draws Funny  , I knew that I had to place it in his lunchbox. Fun and funny notecards really need to be standard in your life. Case closed.


I have been seriously craving a cheese plate lately. Cheese plate dinners were standard for Kyle and me on weekends all the time. I was determined to put one together for supper. I wrap and store my cheese in Bee's Wrap . Bee's Wrap is made out of bees wax, you can wrap and store your food in it. This eliminates the need of plastic wrap. No plastics covering your food! Yes!!!! We need more of this and less of what's bad for you. I'm beyond excited about this product for my family and our planet, I'm also excited about this cheese plate setting.  It's pretty great right? 

That is March's box in a nutshell. I'm always in awe of the products and the stories of the strong and determined women who own these businesses.  If you enter BLISSFULCOMMA at checkout, you can get 10% off of your next box. Women supporting women is the best therapy. A portion of each box goes directly to help fund a woman owned small business. Get a box, Get really cool products and make other women's businesses thrive in the process. It's pretty darn simple.. Go get one.. 

I hope you all have a great Easter!  May the Easter Bunny leave you lots of chocolate and minimal bunny poop. 




A little Rant About Girlbossing

To be honest, I was part of the problem not so long ago. I was all "being a girl boss is the only way to be". I read books, podcasts and everything that revolved around owning a business and living the dream and hustling and all that sparkly stuff. You know what.. that's awesome. The only issue I have seen recently, maybe due to my career change, is the segregation that is adding to our already segregating roles. 

Stay with me here.....

Enter the quote : " you are either chasing your own dreams or working for someone elses."

That's a pretty fucking great quote right? Well it made me stop for a second. I call bullshit on that quote. If we all owned our own businesses, the world would not work! 

I recall having a discussion recently with Providence artist Anthony Tomaselli. I was employed by him and his wife many moons ago at his amazing restaurant when I was 22 years old. He's an amazing painter and friend.

He was giving advice to Grace on careers in art . He specifically said " when you are an artist, it's nice to find an equal passion for something else that you can make money at that does not zap your creativity".  As an owner of three successful restaurants, the businesses help support him in his art career by providing him the ability to create art that HE wants and sell his pieces on his terms. He's not dependent on his creativity to eat!  When pressure is put on creativity, it laughs at you and dries up. 

As an employee for an ultimate and phenomenal girl boss. I go to work every day and LOVE my job. I do not look at it as I'm supporting her dream. I look at it as I'm living mine! I get to work with an amazing team in a great environment and I come home and create art and take photos of things that I WANT to , not that I HAVE to.

In a world where women are put into a " stay at home mom"  or "work mom" box , do we really need a "girl boss" pressure too . Aren't we all just working for the same things? A happy life, a healthy family, laughs, love and good wine ( or boxed wine.. it's all the same right?) .

Working for someone else doesn't make you less, social media telling you that does.

I work with a bunch of gorgeous teens on the prom floor. Sometimes nails come out and cattiness rises between them . I look at them and say " we are all women , stop ... we work together not against each other.. we can do anything we want when we stand beside each other".



Willie Wags February Box is in the HOUSE!

Arriving home from a busy day at work, I noticed through the window this beautiful teal box sitting on the counter waiting for me. My heart skipped a beat . My Willie Wags box arrived!!

Their new packaging is truly on point and just awesome.

Let's dive in:

 "She's unstoppable after coffee"

"She's unstoppable after coffee"

This mug from  Dayna Lee Collection is BIG, PINK and AWESOME . It's so darn pretty I can't even stand it.

 "Does it smell like heaven in here... ohh wait.. that's just coffee"

"Does it smell like heaven in here... ohh wait.. that's just coffee"

62 and Lex candles are not only soy based and poured by hand. The scents are inspired from cities around the world. I received the CENTRAL PERK COFFEE HOUSE one and my house always smells like a coffee shop. I'm just waiting for Chandler to walk in with Phoebe.


 "it's a cheese in a box"

"it's a cheese in a box"

At first I'm like "say what".. but then I was like "this is magical." I'm stoked to be the talk of my next wine and cheese party when I present my own fresh cheese made from this cute little box of goodness. Urban Cheesecraft has really made cheese fun and FRESH. Wouldn't these be awesome to give with a wine and basket. Just saying!



 "a brownie makes everything better"

"a brownie makes everything better"

My hubby opened up his lunch to a divine brownie by Peace A' Cake . This gluten free guy was in his glory. Peace A' Cake prides themselves in using only real all natural ingredients that you can understand. They are perfect for everyone while helping those wth dietary restrictions enjoy the goodness of lush desserts.  I'm the perfect wife for letting this slip through my fingers . I should get a gold star or something,

 "goal gettin' at it's best"

"goal gettin' at it's best"

These mini journals by August & Oak SCREAM spring and SCREAM " write down your goals." I have one sitting at my desk filled with weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. I love crossing off goals that I've reached. They are the perfect size and beyond adorable.

I'm trying to hide my cute pens by Taylor Elliott Designs  from my daughters. They are fun and bright and have kick ass sayings on them . They are going to be stolen from me.. I can feel it.


 "hold yourself to a state of grace not perfection"

"hold yourself to a state of grace not perfection"

This month's Willie Wag's book choice is Grace not Perfection by Emily Ley. We all need a pretty hot pink book to tell us to calm down and be chill. To stop demanding so much out if us. This book helps put things in perspective. I adore it.

Well that's my February box in a pretty little nutshell!  Remember to enter :BLISSFULCOMMA at checkout to get 10% off of your next box. Please feel free to send me wine and cheese boxes in appreciation . 

Welcome to Blissful Comma's New Home!!!



Since I've altered career paths, I've taken a hard look at what I'm spending time and money on concerning the studio business. 

It seems rather silly to pay a blog hosting site as well as the domain for blissfulcomma.com when I pay for christinalynstudio's domain and this hosting site. Umm Why didn't I think of this earlier right? 

Why change things you ask?

1. Seeing that I do not need to get advertisers or market myself with outside vendors to bring home the bacon, this blog space works just perfect.

2. I like that everything is streamlined and integrated with my website. 

3. Christina Lyn Studios has transitioned into a boutique studio.  I've went from wanting to conquer the wedding world with my camera to stepping back and only accepting clients that I mesh well together with.  I'm also excited to only create commissioned  art pieces that inspire me. . This move has given me such a creative burst of energy. I don't feel the need to have a separate blog or identity anymore. This is me.. here's my site . read my blog.. in one spot! 

4. I'm changing. I'm moving in a whole new exciting direction. I'm starting fresh .

It's going to be fun!

You will find blog posts on things I love, photos I take and what's happening around here. Just think of it as comma moving to a new loft apartment and starting new!

To my clients: You will also see a change in your gallery sites. If you currently have a pixieset site, you will be receiving an email from me with a new link from zenfoilio. I have used zenfolio for 7 years and have recently started to use pixieset with thoughts of transitioning. With that being said. I'm sticking with what works for my new downsized studio.  You will still have downloading options and everything that pixieset has given you.

Thanks for traveling this journey with me, It's filled with laughs, glitter and an occasional unicorn .. Pretty dresses are also sprinkled in along the way. It's a pretty cool path.