Since I've altered career paths, I've taken a hard look at what I'm spending time and money on concerning the studio business. 

It seems rather silly to pay a blog hosting site as well as the domain for when I pay for christinalynstudio's domain and this hosting site. Umm Why didn't I think of this earlier right? 

Why change things you ask?

1. Seeing that I do not need to get advertisers or market myself with outside vendors to bring home the bacon, this blog space works just perfect.

2. I like that everything is streamlined and integrated with my website. 

3. Christina Lyn Studios has transitioned into a boutique studio.  I've went from wanting to conquer the wedding world with my camera to stepping back and only accepting clients that I mesh well together with.  I'm also excited to only create commissioned  art pieces that inspire me. . This move has given me such a creative burst of energy. I don't feel the need to have a separate blog or identity anymore. This is me.. here's my site . read my blog.. in one spot! 

4. I'm changing. I'm moving in a whole new exciting direction. I'm starting fresh .

It's going to be fun!

You will find blog posts on things I love, photos I take and what's happening around here. Just think of it as comma moving to a new loft apartment and starting new!

To my clients: You will also see a change in your gallery sites. If you currently have a pixieset site, you will be receiving an email from me with a new link from zenfoilio. I have used zenfolio for 7 years and have recently started to use pixieset with thoughts of transitioning. With that being said. I'm sticking with what works for my new downsized studio.  You will still have downloading options and everything that pixieset has given you.

Thanks for traveling this journey with me, It's filled with laughs, glitter and an occasional unicorn .. Pretty dresses are also sprinkled in along the way. It's a pretty cool path.