To be honest, I was part of the problem not so long ago. I was all "being a girl boss is the only way to be". I read books, podcasts and everything that revolved around owning a business and living the dream and hustling and all that sparkly stuff. You know what.. that's awesome. The only issue I have seen recently, maybe due to my career change, is the segregation that is adding to our already segregating roles. 

Stay with me here.....

Enter the quote : " you are either chasing your own dreams or working for someone elses."

That's a pretty fucking great quote right? Well it made me stop for a second. I call bullshit on that quote. If we all owned our own businesses, the world would not work! 

I recall having a discussion recently with Providence artist Anthony Tomaselli. I was employed by him and his wife many moons ago at his amazing restaurant when I was 22 years old. He's an amazing painter and friend.

He was giving advice to Grace on careers in art . He specifically said " when you are an artist, it's nice to find an equal passion for something else that you can make money at that does not zap your creativity".  As an owner of three successful restaurants, the businesses help support him in his art career by providing him the ability to create art that HE wants and sell his pieces on his terms. He's not dependent on his creativity to eat!  When pressure is put on creativity, it laughs at you and dries up. 

As an employee for an ultimate and phenomenal girl boss. I go to work every day and LOVE my job. I do not look at it as I'm supporting her dream. I look at it as I'm living mine! I get to work with an amazing team in a great environment and I come home and create art and take photos of things that I WANT to , not that I HAVE to.

In a world where women are put into a " stay at home mom"  or "work mom" box , do we really need a "girl boss" pressure too . Aren't we all just working for the same things? A happy life, a healthy family, laughs, love and good wine ( or boxed wine.. it's all the same right?) .

Working for someone else doesn't make you less, social media telling you that does.

I work with a bunch of gorgeous teens on the prom floor. Sometimes nails come out and cattiness rises between them . I look at them and say " we are all women , stop ... we work together not against each other.. we can do anything we want when we stand beside each other".