I always wonder each month how Willie Wags can top their previous month.. They do .. every time! 

Let's see the fabulousness that March's box brought..

I have a very fun but demanding job, last Sunday I decided to have a chill day. I grabbed this month's book HUNTED by Meagan Spooner , a glass of wine ,a facial mask by Wild Botanicals and nail polish by Pepper Pot Polish .

Sounds like a great afternoon right? The facial mask made me feel like a new woman and the nail polish in "Champagne and Caviar" made my nails look all perfect and such. When I zip girls up in dreamy dresses they ask me all about my nail color. 

These cute hair ties by Top Knot Chicago  are not only cute on your pony,  they look cute on your wrist too! Say goodbye to ugly elastics on your wrist. "Bye Felicia! Hello cuteness!"

Does your potty need a breath mint ? Well then Pottymints to the rescue. After you flush your toilet, place dissolvable  potty mint in the bowl. The scents are so great and these babies work my friend, I have a teenage boy.. need I say more? Perfect for traveling and to keep in your purse for some awkward party or work situations.. not that that has EVER happened to me . 

It's as if Willie Wags KNEW I needed to try needlepoint to display in my house. This cute kit by

I Heart Stitch Art is the perfect way to get my stitching. I already know where I want to frame it and place in my home and I haven't even started it yet. 

Every day I place a small note in my husband's lunch ( and he places one in mine) . When I received this cute card by Debbie Draws Funny  , I knew that I had to place it in his lunchbox. Fun and funny notecards really need to be standard in your life. Case closed.


I have been seriously craving a cheese plate lately. Cheese plate dinners were standard for Kyle and me on weekends all the time. I was determined to put one together for supper. I wrap and store my cheese in Bee's Wrap . Bee's Wrap is made out of bees wax, you can wrap and store your food in it. This eliminates the need of plastic wrap. No plastics covering your food! Yes!!!! We need more of this and less of what's bad for you. I'm beyond excited about this product for my family and our planet, I'm also excited about this cheese plate setting.  It's pretty great right? 

That is March's box in a nutshell. I'm always in awe of the products and the stories of the strong and determined women who own these businesses.  If you enter BLISSFULCOMMA at checkout, you can get 10% off of your next box. Women supporting women is the best therapy. A portion of each box goes directly to help fund a woman owned small business. Get a box, Get really cool products and make other women's businesses thrive in the process. It's pretty darn simple.. Go get one.. 

I hope you all have a great Easter!  May the Easter Bunny leave you lots of chocolate and minimal bunny poop.